Real Estate investments

Investing in real estate has always been a significant part of almost every portfolio.

While most investors are satisfied with the solid income that such investments yield, for the real entrepreneurs there is more to profit.

Renovation project of a property could be a big headache for some, while for others it could be a method for great profits.

This is actually what we do best. We combine initiative with capital to achieve above the average profits in a relatively solid investment!   

About Us

HomeWard Properties Inc. is a New Jersey based company, which specializes in short term, low risk, high return real estate investments. We are looking for potential assets, in specific locations, that could benefit from a significant value appreciation after a renovation project.

We purchase the properties for cash and perform an extensive renovation project, managing it from the beginning until the final goal - selling the renovated property  to a buyer that will be proud of owning it!


Exciting and effective way to invest in USA real estate!

Manufactured Homes

Real estate market recovery that pushes properties prices up and a tougher job market that pulls annual income down, aging baby boomers that are looking to cut back their housing expenses as they march towards their retirement, drive the demand for more affordable housing.  At Homeward Properties we have identified the growing need for more affordable housing and created a growing portfolio of manufactured homes in communities, which is one of the best solutions today one can own a home, on land, with cost that can suite tight budget, and keep it for a long period of time, while maintaining high quality of living.

The Affordable housing is a niche that is resistant to real estate tough times since that population has already downsized and maintain low cost of living, so they are less sensitive. On the other hand, the investors are looking for stable, diversified  and long term flow of income that the affordable living niech can provide.

We are continuously expanding our portfolio of manufactured homes in NJ, NY and PA and make sure to carefully choose nice manufactured homes communities that our customers can enjoy from high quality of living, safe streets for children, management with attention to the small details to increase the quality of the community life.

Other facts that make the affordable housing investment attractive:

  • Long term lease agreement with homeowners.
  • High cost to relocate the manufactured homes supports long term stability of community tenants.
  • House maintenance cost are the responsibility of the community tenants.
  • We put lien on the financed manufactured homes to secure the investment.
  • Much lower investment compared to single family homes,hence investment in large amount of properties and  high ROI make the investment in this miche very profitable.

Single Family Homes in Communities

We are investing in single family homes in Bergen county, NJ, short distance from Manhattan, that are targeted to the specific needs of the prospected buyer.
The homes are purchased in need of rehab and we perform a renovation project bringing the home to a modern look, extended square footage, a much larger number of bedrooms, state of the art kitchen and appliances, and official space for family gathering and dining.

The neighborhoods that we are focused on are family friendly, walking distance from house of worship, easy transportation to Manhattan and high demand from young families with means.

More information about our target properties:

  • Towns in Bergen county, North New Jersey.
  • Single family homes.
  • Approximately 30 minutes commute to Manhattan.
  • Walking distance to houses of worship.
  • Public transportation to Manhattan.
  • Close by shopping malls and retail.
  • High employment demand for IT, finance, law and health professionals.

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